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Equestriandatingservice com

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 19, 2018 /24-7Press Release/ — (Reported by Nangqiong Nuosang) On September 19, 2018, one of tremendously holy virtue conducted a “Holy Fire-Offering Dharma Assembly” that was officially held at the Holy Miracles Temple in the United States.The dharma assembly took place at the Grand Hall of the Buddhas and the courtyard right outside the hall. The attendees of this dharma assembly, which is extremely rare and almost impossible to come by, attended under two types of karmic conditions.In places such as Tibet and India, even common people are almost all highly familiar with this well-known great dharma that eliminates disasters, staves off hardships, removes hindrances and increases good fortune.This Buddha-dharma is also known as the “Holy Fire-Offering Homa Dharma.” However, the authentic “Holy Fire-Offering Homa Dharma” is hardly performed even once in a hundred years.If a holy fire-offering is not successfully performed, it can only have the effect of a regular fire-offering.” What are the differences between a successful practice and an unsuccessful practice?First, people claim that the regular fire-offering dharma from the Tibetan tradition and the fire-offerings from the lineage of Eastern esoteric Buddhism (woodpile grand dharma assemblies) are so extraordinary.Under the first type of condition, there were direct attendees who are persons of holy virtue, eminent monastics, abbots of Buddhist temples, and leaders of Buddhist organizations.Their attendance was determined by a Yu-Zun, Wang Zha Shang-Zun, Mo Zhi Jiao-Zun, or Dharma King Gar Tongstan.

The table was then moved closer to the door of the Grand Hall.Fire-offering dharma is a great dharma in Buddhism.In Tibetan Buddhism, fire-offering is especially of significant importance.It appears that I am still lacking in dharma powers and abilities and that I still have to make efforts.In the last several decades, I have yet to see any great holy virtuous person, great dharma king, or great dharma master successfully practice a holy fire-offering dharma.

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A cauldron was newly made for the fire-offering mandala just in time for the dharma assembly.

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