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Just like websites can be down, so can mail servers.Just because you can't contact it once doesn't mean it's invalid.

If either of these were possible, it would be easy for spammers to harvest email addresses and send more targeted campaigns.In the first case, spammers would download the whole directory and use it as a mailing list.In the second instance, they'd ask the target mail server about all possible email addresses, using a series of requests; "Does exist? etc." No email server will tell you this, for similar reasons to the above; spammers would know their tactics have been discovered, and they'd be able to change them in order to bypass spam filters more regularly.So I want to vouch for a github project called mailcheck[0] by the Kicksend team that's great.At Ventata, we used to have the same issues you've all described with people forgetting things like ".com" and "gmial" vs "gmail".

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