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Ellis island dating sim cheats

Join-up with old and new friends alike, discover fascinating new lands, take on new challenges, and build amazing new contraptions My Sims Kingdom DSA new chapter in the saga challenges you to help King Roland thwart off evil brewing in the distant corner of the Kingdom!

One of them is hikarunogo for 999999 in money The other is sagara for 500 in money, BUT, sagara gives you 700 relationship with both of the girls.

date: 8.04.2012 author: travcapke Cheats for moonlight dating sim - The Q&A wikifinal fanstsy 1 and 2 moonlight dating sim elliv island and pico sim date The "Moonlight Dating Sim" PC game was created by Nummyz.

My Sims Kingdom Wii Embark on an adventure to help King Roland and his subjects revitalize the Kingdom.

Major spoilers are considered to be the results of a recoupling (i.e.

who gets dumped), major twists and unexpected events.

And 2 endings for each of the other three characters.

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Any major spoilers should be kept out of the title for up to 24 hours.