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Drupaldating com

At my best college friend’s wedding, a groomsman joked that the bride and groom were very good at honoring “month-aversaries” in Facebook status updates.

They’d recognize the anniversary of their first date, first kiss, first “I love you” declaration, engagement, etc., all of which are special but hard to remember for those outside the relationship.

The classes are interactive classrooms where you can ask live questions to the instructor and get live feedback.

You can also chat with other students in the class.

In teenage fashion, I cried about the “unfairness” of the circumstances and complained to my somewhat sympathetic parents, but I also started to understand that my little ritual was exhausting and not worth getting upset at my boyfriend about.

Sure he couldn’t be around for our “big” anniversary or my birthday, but he was there the rest of the time, and that counted more than anything else.

Do you celebrate anniversaries, “month-aversaries,” or little milestones?

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