Dirty video chat for iphone

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Dirty video chat for iphone

You can send private messages, share photos, and even sketch or create lists together. The app lets you know when your SO’s phone is dying. Avocado keeps everything private and encrypted, so everything stays between the two of you.

Hey Tell is the perfect app to use when you just need to hear your love’s voice.

If your visit is already booked, plan your dream vacation to go on together. After all, there might just be a sale on cruises we’ve been looking into! most of us in LDRs look up airfare on a pretty regular basis.

After all, how are we going to pass up half-priced airfare to our boyfriend or girlfriend’s area?!

If you don’t have set travel dates in mind, you can look at their color-coded calendar to see which days offer the cheapest flights. No more fumbling back and forth between Skype and Netflix.

This app allows you to watch movies with your significant other while video chatting!

Hopper keeps an eye on prices from your current location to destination of interest, and it lets you know if there are any good deals on a flight.

Avocado is another great app that helps you stay connected with your significant other in a private way.Send a quick selfie or short note, or look up the weather and happenings near their current location.If you hate opening apps each time you want to check something, you’re in luck.Couple is the ultimate app for long-distance relationship.Its most widely-known for its “thumb kiss”, which allows you to feel your significant other’s touch when you both touch your screens at the same time.

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Communication is a HUGE aspect of long distance relationships, and as we go about our days separately, our phones tend to become the lifeline between us.