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” And we just go back through the whole story, trying to figure out who’s fault it is and why I missed this flight…and we were talking about how it’s actually all the scenes of the series, or the writing theme of the series, encapsulated in one episode: all the crazy twists and turns of fate that lead you to where you need to be.BE: By the way, just let me know if you have to go.

BE: Well, this question kind of goes out the window, since you said you were hired on the first day of auditions, but I had been wondering if the producers had intentionally gone with – you’ll pardon the expression – lesser names for the roles of Ted and Robin, then used more familiar faces to fill out the ensemble.And make no mistake, my friends: it’s so funny that it’s made the jump from the Bubbling Under section of our TV Power Rankings into the proper Top 20.And I’d heard he got cast, and I just called him up and said, “Are you kidding me?But I guess they just made a decision that “Criminal Minds” was kind of getting ready to bust into a bigger hit, and they just made the call.BE: You know, I actually travel to Columbus for our site’s editorial meetings.

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Alyson Hannigan’s husband) is a genius, and he’s so funny as Sandy Rivers…but Alyson, she always wants to get her friends on the show, but, luckily, they’re all fantastic, so…