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Diana vickers dating george craig

Would you ever return to fashion or designing again? So maybe one day it would be great to have a wardrobe I've designed of everything I want to wear.There's so many things I want to wear and I go to look for them and they don't exist – I could make it myself. You're leaving the fashion be for now but definitely recording and acting? It's really hard finding the right acting role because when you do it's such a special thing.Especially younger people aged 16-20 when they're going through a bit of an insecure phase and they don't like anything about themselves, it's good to encourage them to smile.

She reached the semi-finals after appearing in 15 episodes.Yes I did have braces and I used to think that I had bunny teeth because I do have quite big teeth and I think you pull yourself apart when you're young but then when you're older you accept yourself more and then you realise 'oh actually I do have big healthy teeth and that’s a positive thing'. Yeah I do a lot of photoshoots and when you're on the red carpet the photographers always say 'smile with your teeth' so now I do try to get my teeth out!You've got this campaign going on and you're acting, singing and performing in the West End – what are you focussing on at the moment?I just finished, I was doing that in the West End for about six months and I told myself I was going to have a couple of months doing nothing really and just relaxing so that's what I've been doing but I've been in a lot of meetings and done a lot of auditions so I am concentrating on that.I'm also back in the studio working on the third album.

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DIANA Vickers is one of the many former X Factor contestants who has now found major success on the West End stage.