Deadly dating stories

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Deadly dating stories

I sentence this one to 400 knees to the groin, YOUR KNEE, followed by a fatal smother under Your ass. " Next was a young couple, about 22 years old each. " said Lady Judge Number Seven while readjusting her position on her seat-man, pressing down harder and making sure there were no air gaps. I Hereby sentence him to 900 knees to the groin, followed by a fatal smother under our asses." Again, both were led away.

The male was tied up and he had two used t AMPONS and two pairs of freshly worn panties in his mouth. " - "Well, my husband has been flirting around and he also forgot to..." -"ENOUGH! Gagged behind her was a 46 year old man, her uncle. " said Judge Number Four, not realising yet that her 2nd victim had already died under her ass. " shouted Lady Judge Number Five, I hereby sentence him to 400 knees to the groin, followed by a fatal smother under our asses. " Both were again led away, the girl with a grin and a lively stroll, the male with his head and arms hanging, being led to a torture cell around the back. Then in walked a group of three girls, all 18, and all dressed to kill in their short skirts and long hair bunches. One of them was a waiter who had shortchanged the girls after a meal, the other was the chef, who had allowed both his hair and sand into the soup.

The Castellan Spandrell berates Hildred for his incompetence in letting the Doctor, a renegade who apparently is also a murderer, run loose in the capitol.

However, it was deemed that a companion was a necessary feature of the show.

" A 6th Lady Judge's gavel fell and she announced that this man be sentenced to "400 knees to the groin, followed by a fatal smother under our asses." The foolish man again tried to speak, "But ..." until a court hand shoved that worn panty back where it belonged, followed by one of her own, deep inside his mouth, "and for that, I make it however many kicks to the groin AND the face the defendant can give followed by 400 knees to the groin by a professional court hand girl, then a five woman ribcage crush trample, followed by a fatal smother under our asses. " A clearly obese woman walked in, and a teenage boy. " said the 7th and final Lady Judge, also sitting on and smothering a male under her ass - "Thank you, mistresses, I, well ..." "HALT!

" screamed the 2nd judge - "bring in another male, my one's used!

See full summary » Katie Gatewood's love for her husband Dan is put to the test when Dan's obsessed ex-girlfriend Louisa moves into the house next door, intending to drive the happy couple apart by any means necessary.

When one of the dating users from the site turns up dead, Trina looks to her now defunct site for clues, which someone does not want her to uncover. The lead character did a good job...she's cute and Canadian...but, and this is a personal pet peeve about the film industry that perpetuates the "thin is beautiful" narrative, skinny jeans on a "too thin" actress is not a good look.

"Well, I was picking my little girl up from school when I noticed this man" she points at the gagged man "looking at my ...." - "ENOUGH!

" SCREAMS THE 3RD JUDGE WOMAN, also sitting on the face of and suffocating a man, this one not so young.

Part 1 – Listen to a review of the previous chapter and a preview of this one Part 2 – Listen to the story (read a little slower than native-speaker rate) Part 2 – Listen to summary of the chapter Learning Guide for Each Chapter: Part 1 – Transcript of the entire chapter with every word spoken in the chapter.

The Doctor leaves a note on the console warning of his premonition and sneaks out of the TARDIS into the Citadel.

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Forced to give up her daughter for adoption when she's underage, Laura is thrilled to welcome her now adult daughter Bree back into her life. See full summary » Alison Peters has always done everything right but finds her life in turmoil as a lawyer stuck working at a grocery store job.