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"I didn't know how to finish it because it's not over," he said.

"It'll never be over as long as there's you and there's me and there's hope." That hope was enough for Karen to let Hank sit beside her on the flight back to New York for Becca's wedding.

As they hold hands on the plane there, we're thinking back to the past seven years and what's gone on.

They have that, and they don't have that with anybody else. And yet it was still sort of a "dot, dot, dot" ending.

Do you personally believe they will make it work this time?

David Duchovny shares his favorite episodes of ) learn how to try to have a meaningful relationship and also inspired Charlie (Evan Handler) to fight for Marcy (Pamela Adlon) instead of letting her sleep with Stu (Stephen Tobolowsky) for a million bucks.

If they were to continue in some other dimension, I would think that they are together and that Hank and Karen ride off into the sunset together. Hank is back in New York, and that's always where Karen wanted to be. You've said goodbye to a long-running show before on . Duchovny: I guess the second time around is different because you've been through it once. He's a real authoritarian figure,so he's got to come face-to-face with what's happening in the '60s himself. Any final thoughts about saying goodbye to our favorite TV hedonist?

TV's most memorable series finales of all time Do they move back to New York for good? But it doesn't matter what the show is — ending a long-running show is difficult because you become attached to the people. There's a certain kind of death that happens, where you say goodbye to this thing that was part of your life for many years. I guess it always had a bit of a movie sensibility to it. So, that's a very interesting journey that I look forward to taking with that guy. Duchovny: [Just thanks for watching, whoever did watch.

Duchovny: No, his feelings for Karen have been remarkably consistent.

He's always said, no matter what he was doing or who he was involved with, that he'd drop everything if Karen just said 'Let's do it.' It's tough to go seven years and tough for Tom Kapinos to write their breakups and their getting back together without being either ridiculous or monotonous, or unbelievable. I think, in a way, maybe it makes sense that their final reunion on-screen is one based solidily of the past that they had.

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That was strange to say goodbye to because we all went from obscurity to whatever it is we were at the end of it. We were trying to make ourselves laugh and if we made other people laugh when we were doing that, than that's the best job you can ever have.