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[sips his coconut] Tori: One day when I was feeling low I said to him, 'Oh bird, you can fly. [puts her head down] Sikowitz: That, was impressive. ' [shakes her head and the bird flies out] And my question rang true for that afternoon, the bird left, and so went my spirit. Tori then flirts with Robbie, as he has a massive crush on her, but he escapes by claiming that his puppet Rex has to go to the bathroom. After her second attempt at the scene failed, Tori bursts with frustration. Every time Tori asks Sikowitz, he says that she did a fantastic job, but she didn't pass the test.

They are unable to quit the class because if they do, they'll fail.

[Talking about Tori's locker] Beck: Why don't you do something creative and deep?

[She throws her a bottle of water and leaves, but doesn't uncuff her] Cat: Wait, Tori! Robbie: [Not wanting it to stop] Tell me, I'll kill it! Robbie: I'm really not supposed to, and-- Tori: Ow!

André had suggested that Tori try out for the lead in Moonlight Magic, a play Tori had originally worked on with André.

This left Trina in complete shock, as she thinks of herself as a brilliant actress.

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Tori: [Pops her head from behind the curtain] Vega. Tori: [in a country accent] It was 1934 and my husband left me, alone.