Dating virgins

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Dating virgins

What about hooking up with a virgin but not having sex?The guys feel differently on this one—50% are okay with it, 35% have bad feelings about it (if it’s just a casual rendezvous), and 15% say it depends on her feelings.Virgins, in other words, were themselves not attracted to other virgins and, in fact, sexually experienced people were more likely to date virgins than virgins Armed with these survey results, the researchers interviewed 353 heterosexual participants and went one step further in the third, final aspect of the paper: What does it mean to be an actual virgin in a society that seemingly stigmatizes virginity?

“She must be waiting for the right person,” says Garret, a senior at the University of Michigan.The researchers argue that this may be an example of “assortative pairing” — that is, the notion that people tend to prefer potential sexual partners with a similar amount of experience toreasons.Beyond that, there are some other obvious shortcomings to the study.“I tend to be a little more careful about what I say around her so that I don't offend her,” Matt* says.Steve*, a senior at Boston College, says that age is a factor. “At a certain age, you can't help but find someone who's still a virgin to be a bit strange.

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“I don’t change my behavior based on a girl’s virginity,” says Luke*, a junior at Penn State University. They say they would change up their approach by not rushing into things too quickly.

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