Dating stephy password

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Dating stephy password

He just kept staring into space and saying nonsense like, “We have some time to kill, blahblah mumblemumble.” So I just sat there like, “You’re weird.

But okay.” About 9 fries later, he suddenly reaches down, pulls out this god-awful BANDANA, and says, “Put this on.” I am soo awkward so I immediately started making weird, nervous noises.

I studied Sociology, Business Leadership & Analytics, and Sport Management in college and even went on to get my master’s degree in Sport Management.We drove 10 minutes before I was told to get out of the car.My first step out (in my 5” heels) was on gravely unpaved dirt.All the tanning salon prices nearby were 4-5x the cost of his gym’s membership so that was obviously that most efficient route for me!Needless to say, I went in, sped through the tour because like, who cares, tanned, and bounced – and just repeated that for the next 6 days before we left to San Diego.

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We headed over to a spot after just to get a small bite but that small bite turned into 2 hours of non-stop chatting over .

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