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Dating sim ponies

(However, I seriously doubt that’s his real name either.Sam Hyde is a character from New England folklore, renowned for being a teller of tall tales.Alright, so here's the scoop according to the latest news 'round the Internet.

I’m not going to bother reproducing any of them here, because they’re all pretty dire, even from a comedy perspective.

Clearly these people were friends of the creator trying to distract from criticism, but it was an impressive effort.

So far as I can determine, this is the work of Youtube comedian, Sam Hyde, with assistance from his group of friends, the “Million Dollar Extreme”.

I had originally intended this to be one in an ongoing series of posts where I mock Bronies for being so passionate about being fans for a children’s show.

(Sure, I once had website about The Muppets, but that’s completely different! There are so many clueless idiots on Kickstarter who think they’re going to make a video game it’s not even fun to make fun of them anymore. Some sketches of My Little Pony style ponies, some basic video editing tricks, and some terrible, terrible voice acting.

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