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When you’re scared of being abandoned, you may be tempted to obsessively focus on one relationship, especially if it’s a romantic one.

You can break this habit by pouring more energy into your friendships, and by actively trying to build more.

In other cases, fear of abandonment relates to being neglected or given inconsistent love during childhood.

In many cases, this fear comes from losses experienced in childhood.

Anything that created an insecure or negative home environment can prevent you from growing up with a robust sense of self-worth.

For example, if your parents repressed your emotional self-expression, made fun of you, held you to implausibly high standards or relied on you to “parent” them (instead of allowing you to be a child), you may experience fear of abandonment in relationships when you’re an adult.

Fear of abandonment symptoms vary from person to person, but they may include the following: Free Ebook Reveals Little-Known, Powerful "Ancient" Technique For Identifying And Clearing Limiting Beliefs Helping You To Break Through To Your Best Self(Taking You To A Higher Place Of Consciousness) Click here to claim your FREE copy of 'Clearing Negativity In Your Life' If you’re struggling with abandonment issues, it’s smart to consult a doctor.

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For example “People always lie” becomes “My mother hurt me very badly when she lied to me, but people can be honest and open”.

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