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That’s gotta be more rare than being black in Shanghai.Still, I had to admit, Brittany’s experience and the other accounts I’ve read — some positive, some negative — about being black in China piqued my curiosity about what I would experience during my own trip.The first thing that struck me was how before I’d even opened my mouth to speak, everyone I met — from the driver who picked me up at the airport to the people I rode in hotel elevators with — seemed to immediately peg me as an American.Perhaps they don’t get many Africans, European blacks or black Latinos there, so “American” was the default.Or maybe my friend thought the residents of Shanghai would be curious to gaze upon the one guy on the planet who admits to liking “The Godfather Part III.” Or maybe, just maybe, I’d be stared at in China because I’m African-American. Many black tourists have reported attracting significant attention when visiting China.Fellow Yahoo Traveler Brittany Jones-Cooper once wrote about her own experience in Shanghai, which she says was mostly pleasant.(When it comes to protecting my strict fashion sense, or gently deflecting advice from my loving parents, I am not above playing the race card.) As the trip edged closer, I started thinking about the only way I’d experienced Shanghai thus far: the movies.I remembered in “Mission: Impossible III,” Ving Rhames seemed to encounter zero problems as a black man traipsing around Shanghai — other than, of course, the bad guys trying to kill him and Tom Cruise.

Just recently, on a nearly empty 12-hour flight, I was the only one who didn’t move to the empty seats in the back of business class to escape the crying baby at the front of the plane.But spending 20 minutes as paparazzi bait was a blast. And I learned that, yes, being black in China can draw attention to yourself.But as I was told during my trip, so does being blond in China. Or anything that attracts the curiosity of someone who is open to experiencing and learning about different things. So I’ve resolved that, in all my future travels, if I’m charged with the task of satisfying someone’s curiosity or with making them perhaps a little bit more educated and a little less prejudiced, I should embrace that role.Everyone was friendly, and the whole experience was remarkably pleasant.Maybe if I had to deal with it every minute of every day, I’d be going all Kanye West on them. Because now, my impressions of a country, a city and its people are no longer informed by any articles I’d read, rumors I’d heard or experiences shared by friends. An admittedly incomplete experience, yes, but it’s still my own.

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I found myself wondering if they thought I really was famous and, if so, who they thought I was. (That noise you’re hearing right now is the distant sound of my wife doubled over laughing.) After a few selfies, though, I decided to dispense with the “hows” and “whys” and just go with what was one of the more interesting travel experiences of my career.

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