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"Vulnerability is key in building emotional connection," licensed professional counselor, Julie Williamson, tells Bustle.

"Vulnerability involves showing up, all of you, the real you, and letting yourself be seen by another." But if you can't feel safe and comfortable enough to do that in your relationship for whatever reason, you're probably just attached.

"If it isn't becoming what they envisioned, a person who is attached will try to force the exact vision to happen, rather than being more open to seeing where the relationship can take you," Ponaman says.While you may like seeing your partner every day and you think of them all the time, it's not a need but a want. Benjamin Ritter, founder of The Breakup Supplement, tells Bustle, your time together won't be spent having meaningful conversations.When you are attached to your partner but not connected, you might spend a lot of time together because it's what you know. "Some silence in a relationship is wonderful as it does imply that you are comfortable with each other, but if the majority of your time in a relationship is spent in silence then there's an issue," he says.So how do you know if you're actually connected to your partner or just attached?According to experts, there are some subtle signs you can look out for.

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For instance, one person may feel an "intense longing" for the other in a physical or intellectual sense, but the relationship stays more on the surface-level.

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