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Dating a vibroplex

It arrived missing some parts: finger & thumb piece; damper wheel; upper trunnion lock nut; circuit closers; contact straps; one terminal assembly. I need to use a wire to run from the terminal up to dash post. 83,230 – 1921 Vibroplex Originalmodified base, painted hardware brass and gold. Several applications of Naval Jelly required to clean it. This key looks like its been in an attic for 50 years. I can see vestiges of the gold pinstriping beneath the crud. Bright parts in good shape, works well, good action.

No ID plate, but has holes for the “bug” logo plate. This key worked some long and hard hours from the looks of her. The key features the box hinge-type on the dash lever, and the rectangular nameplate (C2 series used only 1917-18). This key is very dirty, but looks complete and original.

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