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Dating a snuggie

“There’s this feeling of, ‘OK, let’s make this count and find someone good,’ ” says Jenna. If you don’t find someone in September or October, you may as well wait until January.

November and December are just too hectic.” But experts aren’t so sure it’s a good idea to let the climate dictate your choice of mate.

In the fall, “there are restaurant openings and events, and it’s really nice to go to [them] as a pair,” explains Jenna, 34, an Upper West Side editor who asked not to use her last name.

The fall boyfriend, on the other hand, is meant for display.“I met my last boyfriend in the fall, and I think the season definitely added to the ambience.We went pumpkin picking on our third date.” A similar term, “winter boyfriend,” has garnered significant attention over the past few years, with definitions in and personal anecdotes relayed across a variety of blogs and media sites.There are also Adult dating sites to check out if interested.Look for online dating strategies and even safety tips for online dating sites.

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And I wear comfy bootie slippers, that I don't mind putting on the couch etc. I used to think they were ridiculous and lame, but after having worked in an office for the past couple of years that may as well be the north pole, I've changed by tune and am considering investing in one, now that winter is coming.

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