Dating a female bodybuilder

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Dating a female bodybuilder

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Have you ever noticed how people tend to have very different experiences with aging?

Did you find yourself running through excuses for why you couldn’t do the same as Ernestine? Did her story move you to tears, as it did in my case? What are you going to make of yourself in the coming years? What steps are you taking now to make sure that you continue to stay healthy and happy in your later years?

Most importantly, what does your reaction to this story tell you about your attitude to life?

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Please take a few minutes to watch Ernestine Shepherd’s story. Not everyone is going to react to this story the same way. Margaret is passionate about building dynamic and engaged communities that improve lives and change perceptions.

What thoughts came into your head as you watched the video? What stories like this one remind us is that heroes are not born – they are made.

I know a lot of guys are turned off by the possibility of me being able to squat more than them, but the truth is I'm turned off by them, too.

\n I'm sure plenty of people were shocked when they first saw the Serbian bodybuilder, Jelena Abbou, flexing fiercely in M. I completely changed my diet, eating more frequently and with more protein, choosing steak over pizza, cutting out sugar completely, and scaling down on alcohol dramatically (and sometimes, totally.) So you understand why endorphins are my everything...

I focused on training four times a week, isolating one muscle group at a time.

Training led me to the competition circuit, which means 5 a.m.

cardio sessions before my 9 to 5 job in pharmaceutical sales, and post-work lifting, more cardio, and practicing my poses, including the Model Turn.

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Why is it that some of us stay positive right to the very end, while others become grumpy, cynical and just plain mean?

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