Dangers of skype dating

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Nothing saucy, just a quick identity check - though of course, flirting is definitely allowed.If your love interest refuses and also isn’t up for meeting after a few weeks however, alarm bells should definitely be ringing.

A point to note, using your GPS will drain your battery a bit faster, so make sure you’re at 100% before you leave for your date. This will give your phone the best chance of sending your accurate location - and if a problem does arise, your friend can locate you to within a few meters.More people than ever are meeting men and women they’ve only ever communicated with online.This means that being catfished - talking to a fake profile - or even having your identity stolen by a potential digital love interest are very real dangers.Whether there’s no chemistry or your spidey sense is tingling and your date doesn’t seem like such a safe bet, provided you’re meeting in public, a solid excuse to leave will enable a speedy departure.While you could go old school and request your friend call to check up on you and potentially, enable an early exit, it’s much easier to install a Fake Call application.

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