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That was not enough for the third man who bought her, she said.

Some described how they knew they were about to be sold when they were driven to a hospital to give a urine sample to be tested for the h CG hormone, whose presence indicates pregnancy.In the months since then, hundreds have managed to escape, returning to a community now living in tents in the plains of the yellow massif, hours from their former homes.Many of the women interviewed for this article were initially reached through Yazidi community leaders, and gave their consent.All the underage rape victims who agreed to speak were interviewed alongside members of their family.Ensuring Availability In its official publications, the Islamic State has stated that it is legal for a man to rape the women he enslaves under just about any circumstance.

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Sexual abstinence Most of the Sunni scholars who ruled on the issue argued that the requirement could be met by respecting a period of sexual abstinence whenever the captive changes hands, proposing a duration of at least one menstrual cycle, according to Brill’s Encyclopedia of Islam.