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Cleveland dating speed

The apparatus they built floated in a trough of mercury, which allowed it to be rotated slowly.

As it rotated, according to the ether theory the speed of light in each of the two perpendicular arms would change, causing a shift in the interference pattern.

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It sent the beam from a single source of light through a half-silvered mirror that was used to split it into two beams traveling at right angles to one another.

After leaving the splitter, the beams traveled out to the ends of long arms where they were reflected back to the middle by small mirrors.

They then recombined on the far side of the splitter in an eyepiece, producing a pattern of constructive and destructive interference based on the length of the arms.

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The results of the experiment indicated a shift consistent with zero, and certainly less than a twentieth of the shift expected if the Earth’s velocity in orbit around the sun was the same as its velocity through the ether.

Other versions of the experiment were carried out with increasing sophistication, but the Michelson-Morley measurements were the first with sufficient accuracy to challenge the existence of the ether.

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The idea of the experiment was to measure the speed of light in different directions in order to measure the speed of the ether relative to Earth, thus establishing its existence.

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