Christian dating sites for young adults

Posted by / 20-Jun-2020 02:57

Christian dating sites for young adults

This book is a very helpful guide teaching teenagers and young adults how to make wise choices and “discover their destiny”.

All Scripture references in this book are taken from the King Jame Version of the Bible. This book is full of the biblical wisdom needed to passionately and successfully navigate into adulthood and beyond. Tozer described as a man who knew and walked with God.

So many mistakes are made in the early years that we must learn how to make wise choices and walk in the unique path and plan God has for us.

Any young woman who wants to follow God in each area of her life and become a woman after God’s heart should read this book!

This book clearly lays out the importance of getting to know our God in a personal way.

All Scripture in the book is taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

I would recommend this book to any woman who wants to learn more about her God and grow in her knowledge of Him.

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