Cartier watches dating

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Cartier watches dating

On an authentic Cartier, the SN will be etched on to the back cover; most counterfeit pieces will either have no serial number or have the number on a sticker.Here are a few other methods to determine if your piece is counterfeit: Barring that, you could make contact (phone, email, walk-in) with a Cartier retailer with the SN and the retailer should be able to tell you within a few days.The early Cartier men's wristwatches were all handmade in France, with movements by Jaeger, Cartier Paris and the European Watch and Clock Co, who manufactured complicated movements such as chronographs, minute repeaters, and digital wristwatches.

In 1968, Robert Hocq, the first maker in the world of gas cigarette lighters, created a luxury lighter which he licensed under the brand name of Cartier. Four years later, a group of investors brought together by Joseph Kanoui took control of Cartier Paris and placed Robert Hocq as President.v The Cartier Tank watch was introduced in 1919 and became Cartier's most famous model.Louis Cartier was inspired by the tough new war machine the Americans introduced to the fighting in Europe, the tank, to design a rugged yet beautiful watch that became a classic.Every royal family visited the salons; the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, proclaimed Cartier "Jeweller of Kings and King of Jewelers" and encouraged the establishment of Cartier London in 1902 under the responsibility of Jacques-Theodule Cartier, the younger son.Louis Cartier created jewels and "objets d'art", but he also retook watchmaking traditions which had been lost for over a century with pieces like the legendary mystery clocks, high fashion wristwatches, carriage clocks and jewelry watches with oriental Art Deco designs, including the daringly colorful "Tutti Frutti" jewels.

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For example, if you purchased it on Canal Street NYC and you paid less than several thousand dollars, you won't need to check the SN; it's fake.