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I have seen them together and they had the ultimate love and respect for each other." Mc Ilroy proposed on a boat in Sydney Harbour as the newyear fireworks lit up the sky. " Before he began dating Miss Wozniacki, Northern Ireland-born Mc Ilroy had been with his "childhood sweetheart" Holly Sweeny for six years.

Announcing the news on Twitter, he posted pictures of the couple and the ring, writing: "Happy New Year everyone!

Last month, she told Lime magazine: “I want to be a relatively young mother, and I do not see it as being too far in the future." Her hairdresser, Dennis Knudsen, a celebrity stylist in Denmark, said he was “shocked” by the announcement.

He had been booked to style Miss Wozniacki’s hair and do her make up for the wedding and was due to attend as a guest.

"I am shocked and otherwise I have no further comments on it.

But I'm just as much in shock as everyone else." Miss Ejdesgaard said she had received her invitation a few days ago and was looking forward to celebrating with the couple in New York in November.

Invitations had been delivered to a number of high–profile guests, including Bill Clinton, the former US president, it was reported.

Among the rumoured venues for the wedding was the New York Palace hotel's Villard Mansion, opposite St Patrick's Cathedral.

Miss Wozniacki had also told how Mc Ilroy, who has a £6 million house in Florida, sought her parents' blessing before asking her to be his wife.

"They were very happy for me, and his parents as well and everyone around us.

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That is the question of the day down in Brisbane where former world No.

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