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Polling times are too long, and some graphs are not updating correctly. RTM's default poller cannot handle high workload of larger LSF grid environments.

Additionally, you may have other problems in your environment, such as too many graphs and/or devices. Troubleshooting the Spine poller The following sections describes a few common Spine error messages, and gives you an idea how to resolve: Please note that Spine creates much more My SQL server connections than due to its parallelism.

To calculate number of Spine connections to My SQL do following: Assuming you configured Spine like this: Maximum Concurrent Poller Processes = 16 Maximum Threads per Process = 10 Number of PHP Script Servers = 5 for Spine as well as for RTM users.

One of the applications they have gathering data from this server is Cacti.

Anyhow they were able to login to Cacti but the graphs were not displaying.

Upgrade to Spine poller if ANY of the following conditions apply to your RTM installation: Even if none of the above apply to you, consider upgrading if you are interested in improving general performance of your RTM server. Installing the Spine poller Follow these steps to install Spine in your RTM server. Spine is distributed as a source tar ball, and it needs to be compiled on your RTM server after you download it.

Best practice is to to use 1-2 times core count on your RTM server.

Platform RTM comes installed with two main pollers: a) the LSF poller (lsfpollerd) for collecting LSF grid data from LSF master daemons; b) The Cacti poller (cmd.php) for updating the time series graphs (i.e. For small to medium grid environments, does a decent job.

But, for larger environments, using the Cacti's Spine poller is recommended.

7) Save your changes by clicking on the Save button on the bottom-right of the Poller tab.

It is recommended that you monitor Spine performance and adjust the above parameters to get the shortest polling times possible. Monitoring the Spine poller The easiest way to monitor Spine performance is from Console Technical Support page.

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