Boomers on line dating who is priscilla presley dating

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However, the rise of online dating has opened many doors for people who have previously had trouble dating, or have been afraid that they were too old to date.Sure, people might lie about their age on dating profiles, but research indicates that online dating is in fact growing in use for those of the 50 age group.Research by Warner Leisure Hotels has found that there was double the number of over 50s turning to online dating in 2016, than in 2013.Many also have positive attitudes to life and love, with a third of people surveyed stating they felt more carefree, and around 27% stating they feel more sexually liberated.

Research is also showing that baby boomers are excelling at online dating.This could mean someone is saying they are younger, but they actually might be the same age as you.So, at the end of the day, age won’t matter when you meet the right person.Ratings giant Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey involving around 115,000 persons, in order to discover more about boomers’ online dating habits.Researchers found that online dating has an impressive success rate: 44%, to be exact. Thus, today, one in every four heterosexual couples and two in every three gay couples meet online.

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