Books dating widowers

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Several reported that though they made an effort to be functional in their jobs, much time was spent thinking about their spouse.

However, they reported that being at work was better than being at home.

He put a big front for the family, for his parents and my mom's family. Widowers cried at funerals and when talking about their wives.

As soon as the funeral was over, he was left alone. Children knew their fathers were crying in private, often at night, thinking no one would notice.

Membership, understanding of, and faith in stated doctrines provided hope.

One widower spent time with his own siblings and visiting his children. Another widower noted that it is difficult to talk to male friends about the grief experience.

These groups overlapped in that widowers may have used more than one method to combat loneliness.

Although I had some good male friends, I just didn't feel like I could go over and say, "Let's have a piece of cake and a good cry." It is hard to go to someone's house and say "I really need to talk about the death of my wife." You know, guys just don't do that.

So, I ended up working out a lot of things on my own.

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Playing computer games required little concentration and helped ward off loneliness.