Bodybuilding dating uk

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Bodybuilding dating uk

But Ms Albrecht, who competes against some of the world’s leading bodybuilders, said the measure was distorted by her muscle-bound physique.

She said: ‘She insulted me by making assumptions about my lifestyle.

‘Just get started and don’t worry what people at the gym might think of you.

Really, most of them will be simply impressed that you’re at the gym or they will ignore you.

Anita Albrecht said she was told during a routine appointment she was ‘eating too much’ and needed to lose weight.

The 39-year-old, who works as a personal trainer, said her body mass index came out at 29 – four points over the healthy range and one short of obese.

‘I feel amazing; healthy, strong, capable and I can still ski with my kids, swim long distances, mountain bike, play my piano and bagpipes.

At sixty, I don’t feel that there are any limits yet.

I will spare you the graphics but I actually became concerned. ‘There are days when I don’t feel like going to the gym, but I know that once I get there and feel the energy of those around me, I will have a great work out and get inspired.‘Fitness is the one thing that we can do for ourselves that will pay dividends forever.‘I got a coach to help me with my workouts and diet. But as a retiree, it is much easier now than when I was working.The decision to bulk up really came when I finally, after so many years of thinking about it, decided to compete in physique.’ To anyone who wants to get in shape, Clayton has some words of wisdom: ‘Not wanting to embarrass yourself in front of hundreds of people is a great motivator, but also the positive feedback from friends, family and the trainers at the gym were critical factors.

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‘I was in shape in my twenties but not like I am now and virtually everyone is in shape in their twenties – it’s not that hard,’ says Clayton.