Audrey and dating

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Upon his father's death in Spiral, Nathan becomes furious that Audrey didn't tell his father its going to be alright and tells her to leave him alone.

But upon discovering the Rev in his father's office, Nathan seeks Audrey out.

When Nathan does return to the current timeline, she reveals that the Colorado Kid is her son.

In Burned, Audrey and Nathan learn that the Guard was planning to use Ginger Davers to control Nathan so in case Audrey didn't go into the Barn, they could control Nathan, and through him, Audrey.

Audrey was saved by Nathan when her car skidded from the road.

They soon begin working together and become colleagues when Audrey stays to work as a Haven Police Officer. He even saves her when Audrey gets trapped by her blanket in a Barfmellow.

When the day repeats, Audrey is overjoyed to see Nathan alive again.

In Audrey Parker's Day Off, Audrey is forced to repeat the same day over and over again, and one day, Nathan dies in her arms telling her he can only feel her.Audrey jokes that she'll make pancakes and Nathan asks if they are going to have dinner or breakfast.When they were supposed to have dinner in the final episode of season 2, Audrey gets a knock on her door, expecting it to be Nathan, opens the door but gets tasered.Audrey does tell him in The Farmer, after he buys some tickets for a murder mystery play, and she deliberately pushes him away so she doesn't hurt him when she disappears when the Hunter meteor storm comes.Afterwards their friendship takes a bit of a strain after Nathan begins to go out with Jordan Mc Kee.

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When they are sitting on a lounge, Audrey tells Nathan that she thinks Lucy was in love with the Colorado Kid and Nathan seems jealous.