Asians live on cam seeking sexmates

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Asians live on cam seeking sexmates

To attend the Acapulco event, direct-dial the Guadala¬ jara organizers at 011 52 36 372 690 (24 hours), 011 52 36 320 507 (business hours CDT), or 011 52 36 145 755 (5-8 p.m. Other ILGA officials are in Acapulco at the Hotel Torres Gemelas, preparing for the gathering. We have never been more v ibrant, more alive, more joyous in our relationships, more confident in our careers, more proficient as lovers.▼ BAY AREA REPORTER JUNE 27, 1991 PAGE 2 OUR r i it rn JL A -JL-J_ J Qf\ PUIv ( \ rp (^ PI7 AT o UUlt Lrj Ur Lf Jail AI h HImi^cai JH— j JL i JL—jj LIlv JJ^ JL # ■ -M For years it wasn't that way. , our sexuality was a burden, a master that dictated our lifestyle, modified our relation ships, evoked a fear of aging ill! Now is the time to recognize and honor the power that has been repressed.

MM MW MW MM Mi MM MM MW MM MM MM MW Mi MM MM MB ■■ MM ■■ ■■ MU MM MM MM MM MM MM MM M| Lt-arn about the techniques Yes, I want to learn about the Dream Lodge techniques of sexual re-discovery.

One staffer observed, “Somebody needs to ask Sheldon whether he’s taken a pass on the commandment that forbids bearing false wit¬ ness.” Before the vote the atmo¬ sphere in the hearing room was tense. 116 Sports & Fitness.108 State News.15 Wayne Friday.8 This Paper in Three Sections Bankruptcy If you have more debts than you can handle we can help. The proposal reads as fol¬ lows: “No statute or ordi¬ nance may take effect, or re¬ District Attorney Arlo Smith main in effect, which either makes homosexuality or bi¬ sexuality a civil right or pro¬ hibits discriminatory conduct based upon homosexuality or bisexuality unless it is submit¬ ted and approved by a two- thirds vote or the electors in question.” Smith said that the initia¬ tive “would, in effect, rescind all existing legal protections to lesbians and gay men in California” and “create a con¬ stitutionally recognized sec¬ ond-class status of citizens — homosexuals and bisexuals.” Smith denounced the peo¬ ple “who believe they have the market cornered on tradi¬ tional values in this state” by pointing out that “there is nothing traditional — or valu¬ able — about a constitutional amendment which would deny any of our citizens equal protection under the law.” Smith went on to say that ‘ 4 there is nothing traditional— or valuable — about a society which tells the bigots of this world that it’s OK to fire someone, or refuse to sell them a home, or refuse to grant them the same rights and dignity as any other citi¬ zen, simply on the basis of sexual orientation.” Quoting from Abraham Lincoln’s recognition that “the price of liberty is eternal vig¬ ilance,” Smith concluded that he could think of “no greater evidence for the need of our continued vigilance than this extremist, dangerous Sheldon initiative.” (Continued on page 37) Recognition To celebrate Gay Pride Week the Lesbian and Gay Employee Association at Levi Strauss mounted this exhibit in the lobby of Levi Plaza.

Laurie Mc Bride and Alan Lofaso of the Lobby for Individual Freedom and Equality (LIFE) were pacing up and down the tiered room, alighting here and there for whispered moments of con¬ sultation. Retrospective Highlights of 20 years of the Bay Area Reporter are featured in our annual Gay Pride Section. Law Offices of AUGUST BULLOCK 558-9222 Free Consultation Convenient Civic Center Location FREE YOURSELF From Unwanted Hair Permanently JOHN FRI23EELL REGISTERED ELECTROIOGIST ! It focuses on such areas as gay symbols, Harvey Milk, Stonewall and the Gay Games.

Only LIFE staff member Keith Johnson sat calmly — he had just served a subpoena on Lou Sheldon. (415) 626 2729 FREE CONSULTATION DENTIST Richard A. The association will also be marching for the first time in the Gay Freedom Day Parade.

Johnson said that Attorney John Duran had called the office asking if they knew of anyone who could serve a subpoena on Sheldon. (Photo: Rick Gerharter) Scaled-Down Gay Conference Rescheduled in Acapulco by Rex Wockner With the help of the Mexi¬ can government and the gay newsmagazine the Advocate, the International Lesbian and Gay Association’s aborted 13th World Conference has been partially “rescued.” About 40 of the original 300 delegates are expected to gather in Acapulco June 30- July 6 at a conference hall provided free-of-charge by the federal and Guerrero state governments, which said they were embarrassed by the events that led to the confer¬ ence’s cancellation in Guadalajara.

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Johnson volunteered, the sub¬ poena was faxed, and Johnson served it in the hearing room, saying, “Lou, you are served.” It must have been a bad af¬ ternoon for Sheldon because a short time later he and As- (Continued on page 35) Milestone Gay and lesbian Los Angeles Police Officers staffed a recruitment booth at Gay Pride Day festivities. The Advocate gave con¬ ference organizers $7,500 to offset rescheduling expenses.

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