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“She is telling everyone that Beau didn’t even want to join the show.But everyone believes that is BS and that he has been eyeing a spot on ever since the two of them started dating.” Fortunately for Beau, Jax Taylor is now speaking out to defend him stating these claims are simply false and that the cast loves Beau!"He loves it, and he's best friends with all my best friends, and it's not even that they're my best friends now, they're best friends," Stassi continue.Beau's day job, by the way, is that of a commercial casting and advertising associate, according to E! That means that he helps fill commercials with people so that companies can sell things to other people.The couple has seen some ups and downs in their time together, but now, in a refreshing change of pace, it's Stassi who does most of the f--king up. “I feel like we’re not gonna get along, like you said I’m not allowed to …On social media, Stassi's co-stars were quick to offer their congratulations: “I have cried twice and haven’t even seen you yet!!!!!!! I want to walk down the aisle [to] a haunted horror version of ‘Here Comes the Bride,’” Schroeder said. Usually, wedding planning can make for pretty dull reality TV, but this time -- we might be into it.

⁦@Lights Out⁩ ⁦@Comedy Central⁩ Sh We caught up with @stassi & @iambeau immediately after he popped the question in this Bravo Insider exclusive.

Watch the happy couple take you inside their “perfect” engagement.

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Join #Bravo Insider: Insider QPo Ya see what happens when Merrick does your nails people??

Stassi Schroeder finally has life all figured it seems.

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“I don’t feel badly about shouting it from the rooftops because y’all, I’ve been through like 15 years of s— boyfriends, so now that I have a good one and I’m fine to brag about it,' Schroeder recently told People magazine. viewers with his gentle good humor and soft-spoken demeanor. ” It's a year full of big steps forward for the In addition to Jax and Brittany's wedding, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz got married for a second time after learning that their first wedding was not legally binding.