Are keltie and ryan still dating

Posted by / 06-Nov-2020 10:51

Although the couple has called it quits, the breakup appears to be amicable, as they still care about each other deeply.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend I hope everyone’s day is filled with love.

Shayna Taylor is a chef who focuses on nutrition and wellness with her brand Shayna’s Kitchen.

Additionally, she’s a model, though it looks like most of her focus is on her health brands: She is working on a skin care line, Moonstone Skin, and a line of CBD products, Bottle & Stone. According to People’s source, they weren’t on the same page about their future.

Unfortunately, it did not happen, and sadly, he is single once again.

The breakup leaves fans wondering what exactly went wrong in the seemingly perfect relationship. Ryan and Shayna took to social media to express their feelings for each other, adding they like to have many intimate date nights and share as many experiences as possible.

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It looked as if they were back together for good this time.