Amber rose and reggie bush dating

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She and Reggie Busharrived together at the AXE Lounge in Southampton Saturday night and were caught canoodling all night long.

Apparently, they even took bathroom breaks together, which required a security guard to guide them through the jam-packed crowd. Damn, Reggie’s taste in broads is super suspect…that Jesse James country singer, the January Gessert jumpoff, Carmen “Thirsty Ho” Ortega, and now Yeezy’s sloppy seconds.

This is RT and I just wanted to give you a quick update on things.

Rose is best known for her stunning, close-cropped blonde looks and for dating rapper Kanye West.

Click here for the photos which may, or may not, be evidence of a budding romance.

This confirms the longstanding suspicion many people had since the time the two were photographed getting cozy in a club.

We have no idea what led to the breakup between Bush and the Tush — we’ve heard many different theories — and the most entertaining of all was the suggestion that Kim was with Kanye.

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He’s elected to keep his personal life more private since breaking up with Kim, and that’s probably for the best.

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