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"And on those date nights, do something new together to recreate the curious and mysterious chemistry like when you first met."One way to bring back the flirty parts of your relationship is to re-introduce the element of surprise.

Bring home an unexpected gift, take your partner on a surprise trip, take turns planning a date night the other doesn't know anything about.

and lady, let me tell you: that confidence is going to be your secret weapon when it comes to flirting with men.

As a guy, I can vouch for the fact that each of these tips absolutely make guys go crazy. If it’s a “saw him across the room in a bar” situation, eye contact is your primary way of showing interest, given that you haven’t spoken yet.

A person should look for someone who responds to them, or at least acknowledges them when they try to get their attention, because it shows that they are meeting your emotional needs — or at least trying to.” So when your partner is trying to get your attention, make sure you're really tuning in.

Leslie Beth Wish, psychotherapist, founder of, and author of One really easy way to flirt with your partner is just to be more in tune with them.

"Couples try to get each other’s attention throughout the day, whether it’s for support, conversation, interest, play, affirmation, feeling connected or for affection,” relationship coach and therapist Anita Chlipala tells Bustle.

“Each of these moments is an opportunity to connect with your partner.

As you slowly turn your eyes across the room, lock eyes with him and let your glance linger.

Give a sweet, confident smile, then look slowly away.

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It may have been a while since your flirting game was at its peak. You’re now wise enough to know that men are attracted to far more than your looks.