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Accomodating work

If a job can be more easily broken into smaller projects that can be distributed according to our efficiency, then that can really improve our effectiveness.For jobs where there are tasks that must be done at a fixed time, one possible way to handle the situation is to create the ability to trade off tasks with other people on the team or at the workplace.Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects people quite differently, and is ultimately a spectrum.

Schedules can also be made more flexible if we have the ability to work earlier or later or work from home.

For many of us, it is even impossible, especially in jurisdictions in which care is state sponsored, and therefore we have little control over the schedule.

Therefore, one very important accommodation is allowing for time for bipolar employees to see their physicians and their therapists.

There is really no difference in practice between this and other medical conditions that require supervision, and many workplaces already have accommodations in place for monitored health conditions into which bipolar workers can be fairly easily integrated.

Another part of accommodating therapeutic needs is allowing bipolar employees to use the telephone to set up or change appointment times.

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