10 fatal online dating errors

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Every photo you post on your online dating profile should be recent and should clearly show your face.Your profile photo should make a good impression, and help women decide if they want to learn more about you by reading your profile.KLM was the only civilian airline to receive the Douglas DC-5; the airline used two of them in the West Indies and sold two to the East Indies government, and is thus the only airline to have operated all Douglas 'DC' models other than the DC-1.It is part of the Air France–KLM group, and is a member of the Sky Team airline alliance.

Treat the women you contact online with respect and you'll stand out and get their attention.

She might loathe your favorite band or have a strong distaste for your pets.

After reading her profile, you may discover that you're incompatible and if you had contacted her, she probably wouldn't have replied.

Personalizing your messages to women gets their attention and makes them more likely to respond.

If you contact a woman and don't hear back right away, don't follow up.

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A woman's online dating profile contains a lot of information about her.